From The Gallery - December 6, 2017

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Thursday December 7th, 2017 6:21 am EST

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Natalie Gulbis

Natalie Gulbis has been on the LPGA Tour for the last 17 years. She recently pursued a career in television with her venture onto the show “18 Holes” on FOX. She is a proud University of Arizona alumna. Check out her popular Instagram page @nataliegulbis.

Rachel Louise

Rachel Louise is a former NFL Cheerleader who spent her time on the sidelines with the Minnesota Vikings. She now spends most of her time as a ParMate in Las Vegas where she’ll join you for a round of golf and assist you with everything from fixing divots to reading greens. Head over to Platinum Tees in Vegas to see if you can find her, but in the meantime, her Instagram is almost as good @thatgirlrachellouise.


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Blair O’Neal

Blair O’Neal is an accomplished professional golfer and model. She has competed and won on the Symetra Tour and is a TV host on the Golf Channel. She has the triple threat and is not afraid to show it. Go see her can’t miss Instagram profile @blaironealgolf.


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Katie Kearney

Katie Kearney has become and Instagram phenomenon after she won Miss Missouri and wowed crowds on national stages when she competed in the Miss USA pageant. She later began to post videos and pictures of her swing and has garnered a following as a result. Go see what everyone is talking about by checking out her Instagram feed, @katiekearney .

Heidi Cannon

Heidi Cannon is a fitness model who has passions for baking, dirt biking and fast cars. She started out as a gymnast and even has her black belt in Karate. Since then she has become a professional belly dancer and her M.O. is training like a beast in the gym. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia and recently took up golf. Check her out on Instagram at @mrscannonskitchen.


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