From The Gallery - February 12, 2018

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Tuesday February 13th, 2018 6:18 am EST

Here are yesterday’s best photos from golf’s top players and social media stars.

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Cecilie Nordhal

Cecilie Nordahl is a Norgwegian-born former collegiate golfer for the Roger’s State Hillcats located in Oklahoma. She graduated recently and has turned her focus to following her passion of traveling and exploring new places. She still finds time to tee it up every now and then, just as every true golf lover does, even if it is only a handful of times per season. Check out her travels at @cecinordahl.

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Katrina Brodsky

Katrina Brodsky is a model, blogger, stylist, designer, editor and creator for her eponymous blog, which is tailored towards women’s fitness. She is very open about her love for golf and posts often on her Instagram bragging about how she can hit the long ball better than most female golfers. Go check out her rockets off the tee on Instagram @keller_rose.

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Hayden Sylte

Hayden Sylte is a successful model that considers the epitome of happiness as a long walk with a putter. Don’t we all? She took up golf as another hobby and has been able to incorporate it into her modeling career as well, especially as the golf-modeling niche has grown in the recent years. Go see more of Hayden @haydensylte.

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Elin Arvidsson

Elin Arvidsson is a 23-year-old blonde from the southwest coast of Sweden. She started playing golf 12 years ago because her entire family played. She turned out to be the best of the bunch and went on to play college golf at Texas Tech. Last year was her first on the National Women’s Golf Association Pro Series Tour. Follow her journey to the LPGA on Instagram at @elinarvidss.

Alejandra Schnider

Alejandra Schnider is a “life enthusiast” and Mexican golfer. She is always up to something, even if it isn’t always golf. She enjoys riding her Harley around the Grand Canyon area, and can often be found in her wetsuit. Turns out she is a certified master scuba diver in addition to all her other activities. Keep up with Alejandra’s busy lifestyle on Instagram @mamischnider.

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