Private Lessons: Arnold Palmer Schools Kate Upton In Golf

By Adam Fonseca
Tuesday August 27th, 2013 3:42 pm EDT

You know what? Arnold Palmer is the coolest golfer in the history of the world. We all pretty much knew that already, but now we have even more proof as to why.

The King gave supermodel Kate Upton a golf lesson. Everyone bow to the King.

I have so many questions, including:

1) Did Arnie instruct Kate that the golf swing is, in fact, “all in the hips?”

2) Did Arnie steal another kiss from Kate?

3) Should I start wearing cardigan sweaters daily?

There is no word yet on how much of the game Upton’s lesson covered, but we can all rest assured that she was treated to an Arnold Palmer beverage afterwards.

And just because we look for any excuse to provide you with a Kate Upton video:

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