The Fringe: Drew Brees To Plan Vasectomy Around Masters

By Matthew Castonguay
Thursday August 28th, 2014 11:12 am EDT

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Drew Brees To Plan Vasectomy Surgery Around Masters Coverage

In a move reminiscent of the one made by (insert male’s name here) in order to be around to watch (insert major sporting event here), the New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees will be planning some, uh, “minor-but-necessary surgery” for some time during early April. According to friends of Brees, the surgery should be on the Saturday of the Masters. 

On Monday, Brees and his wife, Brittany, welcomed their first daughter, Callen, into the world:

Their new baby girl is the couple’s first girl, and fourth child overall. Now, the Super Bowl-winning quarterback has some voices in his ear mentioning the “V” word. 

“I think I’m done [having kids],” Brees said. “I might have to follow (New Orleans Saints’ radio voice) Jim Henderson’s recommendation from (last week). He was saying the ‘V’ word was next for me, Vasectomy. We’ve got some football games to win first.”

While the surgery is minor, it will keep Brees off his feet for at least a day — which is why he’s also receiving advice about when to have it. 


“I’ve been told by those who have experienced it, do it Saturday before the final round of the Masters so I’ve got an excuse to sit around and watch it.”

Really, you can’t argue with the logic there. This is a spectacular call by Brees and his advisors. Seriously, bra-vo! — and congratulations on the newest addition.

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Arnold Palmer Really Wants to Get Back on the Links

Just a few days removed from pacemaker implant surgery, Arnold Palmer is ready to get back out on the links. Unfortunately for The King, he’s going to have a wait a little bit longer. 

“Twelve days,” Palmer said on Tuesday. Twelve days until he can return to the golf course following successful pacemaker surgery on Aug. 18. 

“My back has been bothering me some, but this has more to do with the swing and the fact that the pacemaker is in my shoulder,” Palmer said. “They don’t want me to disrupt the wiring that is in there. So I’ll wait for the doctors to say it’s OK.”

Arnold Palmer anchor

Palmer, 84, still plays a fair amount of golf these days, despite being nearly halfway through his ninth decade on this planet. The seven-time major champion had the pacemaker surgery to correct an abnormal heartbeat. Palmer says now that he is “back and feeling fine.”

Photo Gallery: Arnold Palmer


Tiger Woods Gets Long-Awaited Revenge on the Media — Sort Of

Ever since he started playing golf, Tiger Woods has rarely been able to take a breath without it being covered by the media. So it’s no secret that his relationship — at times — with most of its members has been … ahhh, contentious?  I can’t say I blame him. It’s like the old saying goes, “No respect of privacy breeds contempt” — or something like that. 

On Tuesday, however, during close-friend Notah Begay’s charity event at Turning Stone Resort in upstate New York, Woods did get a modicum of revenge when he helped Golf Channel’s Mark Rolfing take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. In doing so, Woods could barely contain his excitement, grinning as wide as he does while hoisting major championship trophies: 

Woods said following the dousing, “I’ve always wanted to do this to media.” 

Really Tiger? I couldn’t tell by looking at your reaction. Heck, I didn’t have that big a smile on my face when I got a car for Christmas. I guess it’s fitting this is the way Woods got back at the media. After all, you know, revenge is a dish best served cold. 

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Out Of Bounds

Poor ceremonial first pitches are one of the things the Internet loves most. It seems like you can’t go a week without someone showing up on Twitter or YouTube for their terrible, horrible, no-good, rotten first pitch. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rapper, an Olympic athlete, beauty queen or a cat — if you mess up your pitch, you will be exposed on social media. 

This poor Houston Astros fan may have moved into first place on the list of “worst first pitches of all time.” The only person excited about this is 50 Cent, who no longer has to carry the burden of topping that chart: 

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