The Fringe: Major Moments & A Major Crib On The Market

By Ryan Cortese
Thursday March 27th, 2014 12:39 pm EDT

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Bubba Talks Masters, Golf Boys &  March Madness

Earlier this week, Bubba Watson hosted his second live edition of “Bubba Talk Live.” If you aren’t tuning into these events, which are currently scheduled to air every Monday at 8 p.m. EST on, you probably should. Here are a few of the highlights from this past week’s show: 

Q: What is your favorite part about Masters and any major?

A: My favorite part about The Masters is the par 3. You have little man now (his son Caleb), he’s big enough to go around with me and he went around with me last year. The par 3 being a family event with my wife and my little boy there, what a thrill that is, what an honor that is. But on a different note, any major you play in is a big blessing, is a dream come true, and an honor. Just to tee it up in an event like that and to tee it up in many majors is a bigger thrill. 

Q: What is the inside scoop on the possibility of a Golf Boys 3 video?

A: I’m going solo, I’m dropping ‘em. It’s “Golf Boy” now or “Golf Man.” I’m changing it to “Golf Man.” That’s what I’m doing. You heard it here first, I’m dropping everybody, unless they call me and say they want to do one, then I’ll do it.  

Q: Howʼs your NCCA bracket doing?

A: Not good! I had Georgia going all the way and Georgia didn’t get in so… kinda messed that up. I lost my billion dollars. Thought I was going to win a billion dollars this year, but Georgia didn’t make it. 

For more of this Q&A with his fans, click here or the image below.


On The Market 

Geoff Ogilvy, the 2006 U.S. Open champion and a three-time World Golf Championships winner, recently put his house on the market. If you have some extra cash laying around, the three-story, ocean-front property located in Del Mar, Calif., will only cost you $6.75 million. I guess that’s the price you have to pay if you want to have a view of the Pacific Ocean from all of the main rooms. Here are a few of the other not-so-shabby amenities that come with Ogilvy’s home:

- Four bedrooms 
- Four 1/2 bathrooms
- Master bedroom with retreat fireplace and balcony
- An outdoor deck offering 1,000 square feet of deck space
- Pool
- Tennis Court

340 Serpentine, Del Mar | P.S. Platinum Properties from P.S. Platinum Properties on Vimeo.





Click here for the full P.S. Platinum Properties listing. 

Going Once, Going Twice

The Masters is exactly two weeks away and IJP Design is giving away a limited edition 2014 Masters putter cover. All you have to do is retweet the tweet below and join the IJP Design clubhouse. Do it!


In Case You Missed It

Red Sox To Give President Obama New Loudmouth Blazer


The Boston Red Sox are scheduled to visit the White House on Tuesday to celebrate their World Series victory with President Barack Obama, and they’ll be arriving with a very patriotic gift.

According to a story on, Jonny Gomes of the Red Sox ordered these spectacular Loudmouth Golf stars and stripes blazers for his teammates, and the team decided the president would look good sporting Old Glory as well. It’s unclear if the team will sport these custom-made American blazers for their visit to the White House, but one thing is for sure… the president will own one. Read More

Flappy Golf: Flappy Bird Hits the Links


The craze that was the game Flappy Bird has died down quite a bit since the creator pulled it from the Apple App Store, but that hasn’t stopped developers from creating their own Flappy Bird imitations. Albeit, none of the clones have captured the true phenomenon that the original did, but the developers over at Noodlecake Games have put a new spin on that little flapping bird; this time, with golf.

The creators behind the highly-popular game Super Stickman Golf released a new game Wednesday: a mashup of Super Stickman Golf and Flappy Bird. Read More

Out of Bounds

Remember Derek Huff from “Step Brothers,” well he’s back and he still hasn’t eaten a carb since 2010. The actor Adam Scott (yes, the other Adam Scott) is featured in this “Funny or Die” spot with Mark Cuban, Chris Daughtry and Jeff Probst to talk Obamacare. 

A Message from Step Brothers’ Adam Scott from Funny Or Die


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