The Fringe: Trump Adds Turnberry & 18 Holes in Two Hours

By Matthew Castonguay
Wednesday April 30th, 2014 10:48 am EDT

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Donald Trump Buys Turnberry 

The Donald has done it again, extending his already-far-reaching golf kingdom into Scotland with his latest purchase: the legendary Turnberry Resort. The course that has hosted four Open Championships and originally opened in 1906 is now the property of Donald Trump. 


The purchase virtually guarantees that Trump will get to host the major championship he’s always wanted. Turnberry hosted the Open Championship in 1977 (Tom Watson won), 1986 (Greg Norman), 1994 (Nick Price) and was the site of the legendary Stewart Cink/Tom Watson battle in 2009. 

According to reports, Trump has no intention of renovating or even touching the course. He does, however, plan to turn the hotel into, “the finest golf hotel in the world.”

Minnesota Golfers Prove 2 1/2 Hour Round Of Golf Is Possible

Anyone who thinks a round of golf should take five hours, or that it’s acceptable that they sometimes do, listen up. A group in Minnesota put together an experiment to see how fast golfers could play as twosomes in a shared cart when the maximum score they could make per hole was triple bogey. The only goal was to finish in two and a half hours. The results were pretty impressive. 


( Photo by Brad Hines)

According to event organizer Kevin Unterreiner of, “Something else we learned is that a course can send players out as twosomes and not lose any revenue because you can still get the same amount of golfers out in an hour. Instead of foursomes playing at eight-minute intervals, you have twosomes at four minute intervals.”

Of the 12 golfers who took part in the experiment, those who usually shoot in the 70s finished in 2:04, 80s golfers finished their rounds in 2:15-2:20 and 90s golfers played in 2:20-2:27. Unterreiner also noted that none of the golfers reported feeling rushed. 

See, slow pokes? It can be done. 

Going, Going, Gone

How much would you pay for a program from the inaugural Masters Tournament in 1934? If you’re an Augusta man with some deep pockets and a large collection of Masters memorabilia, then the answer to that question is more than $16,000


The program was formerly owned by Dorie Wells and her late husband, Reginald, who used to produce Masters highlight videos from 1961-1982. The couple was very close with Augusta National co-founder Clifford Roberts, originally acquiring the treasure from him. 

Another copy of the 1934 program sold for $16,000 in an online auction in January, suggesting that that’s about what you’d have to pay if you’re looking to add this gem to your collection.

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