Tweek in Review: This Week's Best Tweets

By Brooke Tallinger
Monday December 2nd, 2013 11:57 am EST

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The golf world is alive and well on Twitter, sharing some insight into the lives of the best players on the planet — on and off the course. Here are our favorite tweets from the week that was.

1) Like Father, Like Son 


2) Until Next Year


3) CIT: Caddy In Training 


4) We Talkin’ Bout Practice?!

Rory As Of Recent: 
Will Ferrell Hooks Rory McIlroy Up
McIlroy Golfs with Bill Clinton
Rory-Caroline Timeline
Tiger and Rory: Mission To China


5) Perfect, Now Who Brought the Baileys?


 6) Dustin (Drizzy) Johnson


7) I’m More Concerned He Took the Plastic Top Off..

More Rickie:
Rickie Fowler’s Retirement Plan: Race Cars
Behind the Scenes: Rickie Fowler’s Psychedelic Driving Range
9 Golfers That Could Have Played Another Pro Sport


8) Becoming One With Nature


More Daly:
- Where’s John Daly? Downstream Casino
John Daly is Tutu Much
John Daly Tells Miley Cyrus He’s Still Having Sex at 47


9) Can I Get An Amen!


10) Tearing It Up


11) They See Me Rollin’


12) Buddies Don’t Poop On Buddies 



13) Thanksgiving Throwback

More on Jack: 
9 Best Golf Rivalries
Jack Nicklaus Would Choose Florida State Over Ohio State
NFL Calls on Palmer, Nicklaus To Talk Manning, Brady
Jack Nicklaus Releases New Line of Golf Balls


14) Thankful To Be Home


15) This HAS To Be a Sick Joke…


16) Oops I Did It Again

Keeping Up With Keegan: 
Keegan Bradley Emulates Kramer, Whales Beware!
Keegan Bradley Has Howard Stern Withdrawal
Keegan Bradley Stamps “Baba Booey” On His Wedge
Keegan Bradley + WWE = Howard Stern


17) Not a Bad Way To Start The Day 


18) Feeling a Bit Catty 


19) Stylin’ Son


20) Eager Beaver 


21) Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

More Bubba: 
Duck Dynasty’s Uncle Si is No Bubba Watson
Bubba Watson Plays Through an Office Cubicle 
Bubba Watson Down on the Farm 


22) Yeah…Don’t Quit Your Day-Job Lady


23) Indian Style



24) It’s A Race, I’m Winning!


25)  Winning Feast



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