Two Guys + Pingpong Balls + Red Solo Cup = Amazing Trick Shots

By Jon Ackerman
Friday June 6th, 2014 11:18 am EDT


Quinton Watson and Kyle Johnson are just a couple of normal college guys. They live in a simple apartment, hang posters of athletes and celebrities on the wall, line empty beer bottles along the top of the kitchen cabinets, and are always at the ready with pingpong balls and red solo cups.

Yet, the Florida State students are not your typical college guys. They call themselves the ChemBros, and while you might just partake in some beer pong with those balls and cups, they grab golf clubs and start draining trick shots. Off some pots, up the stairs, down the stairs, out of a truck bed, off each other – massively impressive.

Check out the trick-shot compilation video they made for Back9. Johnson is the primary shot taker, with Watson the camera man or set-up man:

We’ve got our eye on you, fellas. Summer break is here, meaning we look forward to seeing what you do with your newfound free time.

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