World’s Most Expensive Golf Vacation Costs $400,000

By Adam Fonseca
Monday July 21st, 2014 5:38 pm EDT

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How much would you pay for the best golf vacation of all time?

For some wealthy golf fanatics, the answer to that question is almost a cool half-million dollars, according to a recent article on the UK news wire.


For the low price of roughly $400,000 (!!), the UK vacation company Holidays Please will help you play all 48 of the golf courses listed on the European Tour schedule last year, including Hoylake – the site of this year’s Open Championship. The vacation package has been built to commemorate this season’s third major and upcoming Ryder Cup matches in Scotland.


The “tour” takes about 100 days to complete, so be sure to save up enough vacation time at work in addition to taking a second, third and possible fourth mortgage out on your house.


Oh, by the way, that price includes a private jet to fly you to each course. And it only covers one golfer in your foursome. Holy moly.

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