Top 10 Golf Babes


NOTE: This content is not recommended for those whom are under 18, have a weak heart, or are my mom…

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"These girls rock," says the LPGA, and who are we to disagree? It’s just that we believe some rock rather more than others.

Here, for your delectation, we present The Top Ten Golfing Babes….and four more who just missed out. Feast your eyes and see if you agree with us.

10. Dana Lacey


Strewth. Go on, have a guess where Dana comes from? Would you be surprised to learn that she is… Australian. Listen guys, it might be time to think about finding a job Down Under, don’t you think? Or any old excuse to go there. Just tell the wife: “Won’t be long darling. Just popping out to pick up a cold beer.” She will understand. Back to Dana, though. “I see big things for myself,” she said. Yes, we do too, girl. She was talking about her future as a professional golfer. We are not!