Our new mobile focus

Howdy fellow Golfer,

After years of supporting a website, a content blog, and multiple mobile app platforms, Swing by Swing has decided to streamline our focus.

Soon, we will remove most of the My Account pages from the website and focus primarily on the app. Some functionality will be rebuilt into the new website:

  • You will still be able to see your Rounds and Round Track pages
  • You will still be able to add new or edit existing rounds
  • Your friends and family will still be able to track your round if you invite them

Most of the tools and reports in the My Account area of the website are already available in the app. You can view stats, reports, handicap, club tracking, edit your profile, update your security settings, edit rounds, and more, right in the Swing by Swing mobile app.

These changes will allow us to focus on what is most important, and provide you the best on-the-course experience possible. Most people already use the app exclusively, so this change shouldn’t impact a big percentage of our golfers. If you have questions or concerns, please post a comment below, or get in touch with support, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Travis Giggy & the Swing by Swing crew

Update 7/30/14

The My Rounds and Round Track pages will still be viewable on the web. Right now, if you click into a Round Track page from your My Rounds page, you will see a link to the “Experimental Round Track” page. This is what will soon be replacing the existing Round Track page.

E.g., this page: https://courses.swingbyswing.com/rounds/8005781/2

Will replace this page: https://www.swingbyswing.com/myrounds/viewroundtrack/8005781/2

Update 7/31/2014

All Course pages and Course Edit pages will remain. You’ll still be able to find, add, and edit courses to the system just like always.

Update 8/6/2014

Pro Loopers will still have access to the same features and functionality, in about the same way as they are currently used to. Nothing is changing with Pro Looper in the near future.

Update 8/7/2014

You will still be able to download your stats in .csv format. This functionality will be in place before we do the switchover.