CPG Announces Settlement With Augusta National

In the past several days, my attorney Dan “The DUI Hawk” Bailey has been in communications with lawyers representing Augusta National regarding the cease and desist letter I received last week. As you’ll remember, Augusta has demanded that I remove the popular Yucatan Masters shirt from my website citing trademark infringement issues.

Late last week, in an attempt to extend an olive branch, I instructed the “Hawk” to float the idea of an annual Tavistock Cup-style home and home match between our club and Augusta National as a way of spreading goodwill. That offer was immediately rejected. 

I then offered to remove the shirt from the website for two free guest passes to Augusta to be redeemed any weekday between now and the 2020 Masters. Less than three hours after that offer was made, the passenger side mirror of my Mazda Miata was vandalized. 

Shaken, I made the decision to pull the Yucatan Masters shirt from my website. So, the final terms of the settlement are that Augusta National got the items in question off my website and I have eight boxes of Yucatan Masters t-shirts heading to Africa. 

If we can’t celebrate the Yucatan Masters anymore, it doesn’t mean we can’t showcase the golf course that made the tournament famous, Yucatan National. That’s why I’m introducing a brand new t-shirt that pays homage to the most iconic and well-known landmark of Yucatan National: Rey Rey’s Creek. 


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