CPG Reflects On A Difficult Men’s League Season

It’s no secret that it’s been a difficult season, and if I’m being totally honest, I’m glad it’s over. Anytime you’re the clear marquee player in the league, you’re always going to have a target on your back, and that’s what it’s felt like for me all year. 

When I played on the mini-tour, I felt like I was the hunter and now, I feel like I’m the hunted. 

I’m just trying to put last week’s press conference behind me. What people don’t realize is that I’m a real person with real problems, and what was going on in my personal life allowed for things to bubble to the surface.

Between my lawyer sending me a bill for his legal work against Betty Simmons and Augusta National that was in the neighborhood of $300 and Geico denying my claim for the busted passenger-side mirror on my Miata, not to mention some things I saw on social media with my ex-girlfriend, Tawny, right before I teed off made for the proverbial “perfect storm.” 

I’m not going to touch a club for at least two weeks just to decompress. After that, I’ll sit down with Ernesto and come up with a gameplan for next season’s Thursday Night Men’s League. To compete for titles, my handicap is going to need a total tear-down and re-build. An 8.1 is just not going to get it done, so handicap maintenance will be the theme for the offseason.  


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