CPG Reveals “Out Of This World” Golf Club

Another week, another major equipment manufacturer has sent their best of the best here to The Learning Center for me to review.

This week feels a little different because I’m about to unveil a club that I think has the potential to change the game similar to the way the Big Bertha did in the early 90s, and then of course, the Alien wedge a few years after that. 

Here it is, The Moon Wood; the first club in the history of the game that can truly be described as “out of this world.” It’s the only the golf club ever made that has actual simulated moon dust in these weighted cavities.

Why is this important? Simple… elevated ball flight.

What’s the No. 1 problem for amateur golfers from 150-175 yards out? That’s right, getting the ball airborne.

The design team at The Moon Wood introduced simulated moon dust into this club in order to promote a ball flight that is high and deep. It’s totally revolutionary.  


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