CPG Takes It Low Thanks To Comfy Pairing

As Ernesto used to say after we’d have a hot round on Tour, “¡Estampido!” which means, “Boom!”

Obviously pleased with a 39; anytime you can go sub-40 this late in the season with the playoffs looming, you’re going to take it.

Had a super comfortable pairing with Howard Newman, who, as you guys know is legally blind. I can see why he’s last on the points list; he shot a million. I decided to test the waters by asking if my 8-foot downhill slider on the first green was good, and when he gave me that putt without even hesitating, I knew I had a good chance of taking it deep.

The ribbon on the hat is for our maligned marshall Darrell Bevins. It’s something we players do from time to time to act like we care. Without Darrell, it’s basically anarchy out there — rampant slow-play issues, people playing shirtless, blaring Bluetooth speakers and there have been numerous carts entering the fairway 75 or even 70°. We need him back.

I don’t want to comment on the Betty Simmons situation because there’s pending litigation, but I will say that it got to the point where Betty clearly thought she was bigger than the league. She thought that having a Groupon GOLD membership and being No. 1 on the Thursday night points list somehow gave her license to peacock around here like she owned the place. 

Thanks to one Darrell F. Bevins, I don’t think she thinks that anymore. 


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