Get Up-And-Down From Anywhere Around The Green

Looky here, you’ve missed another green, but what’s new? Your skill level isn’t that great. Now you’ve got a basic greenside chip, which is supposed to be the easiest shot in golf, but I can’t tell you how many of my students struggle to get these up and down. 

You don’t have to overthink it, just get the right equipment — the Square Strike Wedge — and use the proper technique, and this shot will be a breeze. 

I use the Square Strike Wedge because it has a patented no-dig leading edge. If you go back and look at the worst chips you’ve ever seen under the gun — T.C. Chen at the 1985 U.S. Open or Hunter Mahan at the 2010 Ryder Cup — they have a common denominator: none of those guys were using the Square Strike Wedge at the time.

All of you know by now that I teach the “Stack N Jilt” method for chipping. It’s the simplest method I know for greenside chipping. 

First, we need to create loft by getting stacked on the left side, which promotes an ascending blow, and second, we need to eliminate the chance of skulled or skinny impact by focusing on turf-first impact. 

At the very last second, we realize that turf-first contact will create a fat shot, so we jilt in an attempt to catch the ball cleanly. 


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