Gearing Up:~True Temper Project X Shaft

For over 100 years, True Temper has been a trusted name in golf-shaft technology for elite players. With their latest in the Project X shaft series, golfers of any level are welcomed to the True Temper family.

The new Project X iron shafts are incredibly light – weighing in at only 95 grams – and are playable by low- to mid-handicap players. With the new shaft your long irons have a softer tip to help you hit the ball higher while your shorter irons have stiffer tips to provide more consistent shots. Tighter shot dispersion in your scoring clubs – short irons and wedges – proves to be beneficial to lowering your scores.

The shafts feature silver and blue labels which are both stylish and not distracting to the player. As a fan of True Temper, I found the new style a welcome alternative to the Dynamic Gold shaft appearance I had grown accustomed to in the past.

What is most interesting about the Project X shafts is the descending weight system, which promotes lighter total club weight as your clubs get shorter. This gives a unique feel to each club in your bag, giving you consistent expectations on how that club will perform prior to your shot.

The Project X shafts retail for $38 per club and are available in four flex options, including 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 and 6.5, depending on your stiffness preference. 


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