3 Keys To The Greenside Bunker Shot

The greenside bunker shot can be a very intimidating shot for most golfers. However, with practice and the correct technique it can be a shot that we have a lot of confidence with.

In this video, SwingU instructor Josh Kelley takes you through the three keys you need to know to get up and down from any greenside bunker.

  1. Open the clubface to add loft and bounce. Opening the clubface will also prevent the leading edge from digging into the sand too much. Aim left to offset the open clubface. Be sure to swing along your feet line and not at the pin.
  2. Dig into the sand with your feet for stability and to allow the club to get under the ball easier. Ideally, we want to enter the sand 2” behind the ball. To help achieve this, place the ball slightly forward in your stance.
  3. Make sure to accelerate through the ball. We also want very active wrist action. Feel the clubface pass the hands at impact. This will help the ball to come out high and soft.


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