Check To See If You’re Swinging On Plane

Taking the club back on plane is crucial to putting ourselves in a good position to hit consistent golf shots. Many golfers struggle with taking the club away too far from the inside, which causes them to come over the top.

In this video, Swing-U instructor Josh Kelley gives us a simple, yet effective drill to help us take the club away on plane.

  • Lay two clubs on the ground perpendicular to each other
  • Place two balls on each end of the grip
  • Addressing one ball, take the club back to the halfway position. Now hold your hands in that position and rotate your feet to setup to the second ball.
  • If you can take your setup and the club is directly behind the ball, then you’re in a good position. If the club is way behind the ball, then the takeaway was too far from the inside. If the club is in front of the ball then the takeaway was too far from the outside.


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