Chip It Close From Every Lie

The most inconsistent lies that we will find on the golf course are from the rough. It’s so important to practice different lies from the rough especially when it comes to chipping.

The golf ball will react differently depending on how it is sitting. In this video, SwingU instructor Josh Kelley talks about how important it is to practice these shots and offers advice on how to hit shots from different lies.

  • Before hitting a chip shot from the rough, assess your lie.
  • More loft is needed for balls that are sitting down in the rough. Loft prevents the grass from grabbing the face as well as allowing the ball to land softly. Play the ball slightly back in your stance to make sure you aren’t hitting too far behind the ball, ensuring you’re approaching the ball at a steeper angle.
  • For balls sitting way up in the rough, less loft is needed. Choke down on the club slightly to prevent sweeping underneath the ball.
  • When practicing, throw your golf balls high in the air and let them land in the rough. From there hit each shot without moving the balls. This will allow you to practice from different lies and learn how the balls will react differently.


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