Create More Width And Putter With Ball Push Drill

When you are working on your full swing, it is always a great idea to make sure your backswing is in order. The drill shown above by Coach Rusty ensures that you will create excellent width as you start the swing.

This is important because the early width will translate to a nice wide swing arc, which in turn can help you generate more clubhead speed — something we all want!

Try this simple yet effective drill by following these steps:

  • At address, place a ball to the right of the club head.
  • As the move away starts, allow the club to push the ball away from the target to create width on the backswing.
  • When properly done, the ball will be flush to the back of the club for a moment and then will be pushed clear of the path for you to complete the downswing

Note: This drill is also a great test to see if you are taking the club back too fast. If the ball is being whacked or does not clear your path, there is a good chance you are starting your swing too fast or too slow, depending on the ball’s reaction.


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