Ditch Your Slice By Using The Spoon Drill

Oftentimes, golfers get their wrists in a poor position at the top of their swings. When the wrists are in a bad position at the top, it causes the face to open/close, putting us in a bad position at impact.

What we want is a nice straight line up the arm and wrist at the top of the swing. The spoon drill will help us achieve that straight line.

  • Grab a spoon from the kitchen. Place the handle of the spoon in your glove with the back of the spoon against your arm.
  • This is a great drill to work on at home because there is no need to hit balls.
  • Take slow backswings with your lead hand. At the top of the swing, you should feel no pressure from the spoon to the arm.
  • With a golf club in hand, take slow-motion swings this time feeling no pressure on the spoon against your arm at the top of your backswing and throughout impact.
  • If at the golf course, remove the spoon and hit balls using that same feeling. This will allow you to hit a more right-to-left ball flight.


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