Don’t Be Afraid Of Uneven Lies

Just when you think you have your swing where you want it on the nice, level range, it’s time to head to the course where you encounter uneven lies.

If you know the proper adjustments to make, then you can make that same swing from any lie. In this video, SwingU instructor Josh Kelley talks about what adjustments need to be made when playing shots with the ball above your feet.

  • Choke down on the club. The higher the ball is above your feet, the more you choke down.
  • Stand more upright to make yourself taller.
  • The ball will tend to hook of this lie. Adjust your aim accordingly. The higher the ball is the more it will hook.
  • Swing smooth. Because we are choking down and swinging smooth we need to take one more club.

Golfers tend to struggle with shots from these lies because they are hard to practice. Most driving ranges do not have undulations that enable golfers to work on uneven shots. Whenever you get the chance to practice these shots, do it.

Perhaps you’re playing by yourself on an afternoon with no one on the course; don’t be afraid to find a few uneven lies on the course and take a few practice shots.


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