Escape From A Lie Against The Collar

Anyone who plays enough golf knows that bad breaks are a part of the game, like missing the green by two feet and having your ball rest up against the collar of the rough.

It’s important to practice and plan for these types of situations. In this video, Swing-U instructor Joshua Kelley gives us a couple of different options to recover from this bad break.


The “Belly Wedge” Shot

  • With your gap, sand or lob wedge, set up to the ball like it is a putt
  • Move your body slightly closer to the ball than a normal chip shot. Get the shaft more straight up
  • Choke down on the grip and aim for the middle of the ball
  • Use a putting stroke and even a putting grip if it makes it easier for you 

The “Putter Toe” Chip Shot

  • Turn the toe of the putter down and play the ball back in your stance
  • Lean the shaft forward and drive the toe of the putter behind the ball
  • Treat this just like you would a chip shot as far as the stroke is concerned


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