Escape The Fried Egg Lie In A Greenside Bunker

Approaching a bunker and realizing your lie resembles a fried egg can be intimidating. Bunker shots are hard enough when they are straightforward, let alone in a horrible lie. Follow these steps to turn your fried-egg lie into a shot that is over-easy.

  • Address the ball as you would a standard bunker shot, then shift additional weight to your front leg
  • Square the clubface. This will make sure the bounce of the club does not interfere with the digging action of the club. (Note: We normally want to utilize the bounce of our sand wedge, but specialty shots require adjustments)
  • The ball position should be center to slightly forward of center depending on the trajectory and carry desired
  • Now that the proper setup has been established, emphasize a steep backswing with extra wrist hinge and minimal arm action
  • Impact the sand 1-2 inches behind the ball, driving all your force into the sand and down behind the ball. This motion will result in a very abbreviated or nonexistent follow through
  • Plan for the ball to knuckle and release out of the lie, so plan the landing area accordingly



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