Get Your Backswing In Position For Success

Swing plane seems to be the No. 1 part of the swing players are looking to improve.

The most common flaw we see from amateurs is a steep plane during the transition; in other words, the classic “over-the-top” swing. Usually, this poor motion is a result of a poor plane during the move away.

We typically see player start the club back very flat putting them in a poor position at the top of the swing. From there, it will be very difficult to generate power. As a result, most players will create a casting motion with the hands out towards the ball in the transition. This is what generates the steep plane.

Above, you will see a great drill performed by Swing-U instructor Ryan Rustand that will help cure this common ailment.

Follow these steps below to help:

  • Set up to the golf ball normally
  • Using your wrists, hinge the golf club up until the shaft is parallel to the ground
  • Continue to take your golf swing from this position
  • Focus on keeping the clubhead outside of the hands on the way back, and do not add any more hinge to the swing.


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