Hit Better Chip Shots With The Dollar Bill Drill

The most common misconception among amateur golfers is that you need to hit up on the ball when playing a chip shot. This is simply put poor technique that will produce less-than-desirable results.


It’s important to understand the fact that we must create a descending angle of attack on the golf ball allowing the loft of the golf club to work the ball up into the air. We see plenty of players that struggle to create this angle of attack, which is why we would love for you to work on the dollar bill drill.

Follow these easy steps below to start improving your chipping technique.

  • Prior to setting up to the golf ball, place a dollar bill about six inches behind the golf ball. (This can be substituted with any other soft material with similar size or shape that will not damage your golf club if accidentally struck)
  • Next, set up to your chip shot with the goal of striking the ball first, then the ground. Be sure not to let the club hit the dollar bill during this process.
  • This should create the downward motion of the golf club on the ball through the impact area.


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