Hit Better Iron Shots By Practicing With Your Putter

Most golfers struggle with a lack of distance with their irons because they don’t know how to compress the ball properly.

To compress the ball with our irons, we need to be doing two things: one, we need to hit down slightly on the ball; and two, we need to deloft the club face with forward shaft lean.

In this video, SwingU instructor Josh Kelley provides a great drill to help you compress the ball and hit more powerful iron shots.

  • Place a tee into the ground at about a 20° angle.
  • Use your putter and take half swings driving the tee into the ground. Since the putter face is flat and has very little loft, it will create a very exaggerated forward press.
  • Repeat this for about 5 minutes and then switch to your iron and hit some shots.

This is a great drill to practice on and off the golf course. It’s important to note that hitting down on the ball is not something you want to do with your driver. The iron and driver swings are two very different swings and impact positions.


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