Hit More Centered Shots With Your Driver

Many amateur golfers have trouble hitting tee shots with their driver in the center of the clubface. There’s a simple reason and fix for this, but it’s hard to diagnose until you know what’s going wrong.

Swing-U instructor Josh Kelley explains that when most people rest their club on the ground, they overcompensate with their ball-and-club setup. Because we instinctively want to center our clubface to the ball, we adjust the distance that the club sits in respect to our bodies while the club rest on the ground.

However, because we aim to strike the ball with an upward strike, we should be simulating center clubface impact with the club off the ground. When we do this, we get a more accurate representation of how the club will strike the ball at impact.

After centering the ball with a hovering clubface, when you rest your club on the ground, it will appear as though you are lining up with the ball on the toe of the club.


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