Hit The Ball Straighter Than Ever

So many players struggle to create a path that starts more from the inside and finishes out away from the body. We see a ton of golfers on Swing-U struggling with the over-the-top motion with the out-to-in-path. This can create pulls, snap hooks, and slices.

Here is a great drill that will position your body to allow you to create this more desired in-to-out path.

Swing-U instructor Ryan Rustand demonstrates the trail foot back drill. This will close off your body alignment to your target make it very difficult for you to swing steep at the ball.

Use these steps below to help you perform this drill on your own.

  • Setup to the golf ball normally
  • Bring your trail foot back 6 to 8 inches
  • Take golf swings focusing on swinging the club along your stance alignment



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