Improve Your Strike At Impact

Ryan Rustand

Ryan Rustand

SwingU Instructor

Creating a fundamentally sound impact position can be tough for most amateur players. Often we see the clubhead pass the hands and “flip” at impact, or the arms can break down causing the “chicken wing” follow through.

Fortunately, we have a drill that can help you with both of these issues at once. Above Swing-U Instructor Ryan Rustand demonstrates the swing and release drill.

  • Set up to the ball and swing the club as you normally would
  • Just before impact, release the trail hand from the golf club
  • Notice how the lead arm stays extended and the grip of the club will lead the clubhead at impact

Don’t stress yourself out over the ball flight you are producing during the use of this drill. It’s not about the outcome of the shot, but more about the motions you are now creating with the body.

Try hitting about 8-10 shots using the drill followed by 5-6 normal golf swings, then repeat.


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