Must-Know Tricks To Playing In The Wind

Playing in windy conditions can be very challenging for most golfers. What most golfers fail to realize is how much the wind affects the spin rate of the golf ball.

When playing downwind shots, the ball will spin less, making it harder to hold greens. When playing into the wind shots, the ball will spin more, causing the ball to come up short.

In this video, SwingU instructor Josh Kelley takes us through a couple of tips you need to know when playing in windy conditions.

  • Always pay attention to the wind and what direction it is moving. Pros check the wind every shot even if it’s not blowing hard.
  • On into the wind shots, take more club and swing smoother. More club and easier swings mean a lower ball flight and less spin, preventing your ball from coming up short.
  • On downwind shots, it’s just the opposite. Take less club and swing harder. More loft and a harder swing means more spin on the ball, allowing you to hold those greens downwind.


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