Practice Smarter To Translate Success To The Course

Why is it that golfers can often hit the ball so well on the range, but when they get to the course it all seems to fall apart? If you’re a golfer who struggles with this, then the chances are you aren’t practicing smart.

In the video below, SwingU instructor Josh Kelley talks about how we can get smarter with our practicing and how to take it to the course.

  • Don’t hit ball after ball at one target. This may be okay if working on a certain aspect of your swing, but if it’s a warm-up for a round, this can be detrimental to your round.
  • Hit one or two shots at a certain target and then switch clubs and pick a different target.
  • Go through your pre-shot routine and visualize every shot before hitting it.
  • There’s no stress with shots on the range because a bad shot has no consequence, leading to better shots. While we need to have focus on the course, we also need to take those relaxed, stress-free swings to the course.


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