Recover From A Ball Resting In A Divot

There’s nothing worse than hitting a good shot into the fairway and having it end up in a divot. Hitting a flush shot with an iron is hard enough as it is, but hitting out of a small crater in the ground makes it that much harder.

In this video, SwingU instructor Josh Kelley gives us a few tips to help get out of the divot and onto the green.

  • Play the ball slightly back in your stance.
  • Put your weight forward on your front side — 65% vs. 35%.
  • Hit down on the ball with a very steep angle of attack.
  • Make sure you have enough loft. Hitting 3 wood out of a deep divot may not be possible.

Practice these shots on the range. Take a divot, then place a ball in the divot and hit shots. Being prepared for these kinds of situations will give you the confidence needed to turn a bad break, into a putt at birdie.


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