Set Up For Success On Chip Shots

In order to execute a fundamentally sound chip shot, you must first know how to set up to the ball correctly to achieve the best results possible. A solid foundation for the stroke is going to be the first step in success.


Above Swing-U instructor Ryan Rustand breaks down the basics to setting up to a chip shot in efforts of helping you to get up and down more often.

  • First, take a more narrow stance at address
  • Next, be sure to position the ball in the middle of your stance
  • Press the hands slightly towards the target to help promote a downward angle of attack 
  • Distribute roughly 70% of your weight onto the lead foot to help with your angle of attack as well
  • Take short strokes using similar motions as you would a putt.
  • The handle should always be leading the clubhead at setup, during the move away, impact and at the finish


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