Set Up To Bomb Your Driver

We all want to find more fairways and hit the ball longer with our driver, but the chances are your setup may be holding you back.

In the above video, Swing-U Instructor Ryan Rustand will give you the step-by-step checklist for creating a solid setup and foundation with your driver.

  •  First, place the ball off of the inside of your lead foot. This will help to create more of an ascending angle of attack on the golf ball, as we do not want to be hitting down on the ball with the driver.
  • Make sure your stance is wide enough to create stability in this long and powerful golf swing. Typically, the inside of your feet shoot be lined up with the outside of the shoulders
  • Lastly be sure to bump your lead hip towards your target and create a slight spine tilt away from your target. This will help you to create a better pivot that also allows you to create this slight upward angle of attack on the golf ball.


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