Spice Up Your Putting Practice

Josh Kelley

Josh Kelley

SwingU Instructor

We all know how important putting is to posting a solid score, but practicing your stroke can get monotonous quickly. 

SwingU instructor Josh Kelley recommends using the 9-point drill to spice up your putting practice, which will keep you engaged in your practice and improve your pace on the greens.

  • You’ll need three golf balls, four tees and your putter
  • Take your four tees and place one two feet left of the hole, one two feet right of the hole, one two feet behind the left tee and one two feet behind the right tee to create a 4’x2′ rectangle behind the hole. This will be your “scoring zone”
  • From there, hit your three putts to the hole. A putt that goes in is worth three points; a putt that finishes within the scoring zone, but not in the hole is worth one point; and a putt that finishes outside of the scoring zone is worth zero points.
  • Keep track of your points and continually try to best yourself. A perfect score would be nine points, hence the name of the drill.


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