Strike Your Putts More Pure

Today we have a great drill for you performed by Swing-U instructor Ryan Rustand that will help you become a more consistent putter. The keys to a true and on-target roll are a good path, square clubface at impact and centered putts on the face. Fortunately, this drill will help you with all three of those things

  • Find a level 3-to-5-foot putt on the practice green
  • Ground your golf club as if you are addressing a putt
  • Place two tees just outside of the width of your putter
  • Set a golf ball down in the middle of the tees
  • Make a stroke to the cup with the club head passing between the tees

This drill will force you to create a more square path and face angle at impact as you pass through the tees. If you tend to push or pull your putts, you will find yourself making contact with the tees. Work on this drill and start making more putts.


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