Swing Your Driver With Better Tempo

Many amateurs struggle with swinging in tempo, especially when it comes to the driver. There are multiple issues at hand when this happens, but one of the most common is a quick backswing using the arms primarily that results in the momentum of the backswing and the weight of the club getting the body out of position, creating a reverse pivot.

Swing-U instructor Ryan Rustand employs a simple counting drill when working with students to get their swings back in rhythm. 

  • Set up to the driver normally¬†
  • As you begin your backswing, start counting to 3
  • A “1-2” backswing, as demonstrated in the video, allows players to slow down their swing
  • Once at the top of the backswing and in balance, the time it takes to get to impact should be on the same counting rhythm as the backswing


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