The Fundamentals Of Hitting A Flop Shot

To successfully execute the flop shot — shown here by Swing-U Instructor Josh Kelley — you need to understand how the club is going to function, adjust your normal chipping/pitching setup and embrace the feel and tempo required to execute the shot.

  • Grab your most lofted wedge. This will naturally create the trajectory desired without any added effort to lift the ball
  • Position the ball just forward of center, open your stance so your body aims 5-10 yards left of the target
  • Widen your stance slightly outside of shoulder width and add some knee bend. By doing this you can create a steeper angle of attack
  • Open the clubface so the club almost lays flat on the ground; the more open the higher the shot will be. The open clubface should be aiming at the target (opening your stance allows for this)
  • Take a neutral grip on the club with very light grip pressure. This helps generate the soft touch needed to execute the shot properly
  • Hinge the wrists early in the backswing. The hinge allows for the club to be released through the impact zone. Releasing the club at the ball as if you are cutting the legs from underneath it produce the spine and launch.
  • Remember to accelerate at the bottom! Don’t fear being too aggressive, the harder you swing the higher the shot will go

This is a specialty shot that requires practice. Follow the steps above and you can add this shot to bag, getting up-and-down from short sided positions and taking advantage of difficult pin locations.


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