Use A Forward Press When You Putt Like Jordan Spieth

Developing a consistent putting stroke is on every golfer’s wish list. One of the biggest differences you see when professional putts the ball versus an amateur is how quickly the ball starts to roll.

In this video, SwingU instructor Josh Kelley provides a great drill to help us get the ball rolling as soon as possible while also developing a more consistent stroke.

  • For the drill, you will need an alignment rod and your putter. If you don’t have an alignment rod, use a different club
  • Run the alignment rod down the left side of your putting grip for right-handed putters. (Do the opposite for left-handed putters)
  • Run the alignment rod along your lead side
  • Make putting strokes ensuring that the rod does not leave or press too hard against your side
  • As you setup, you will notice that the rod is forcing the hands ahead of the golf ball. This may feel weird or exaggerated at first, but it will help you get the ball rolling quicker.


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