Use Tiger’s Favorite Drill To Practice Putting

Earlier in the year, Swing-U instructor Ryan Rustand had the opportunity to watch Tiger Woods warm up on the practice green prior to his round at The Hero World Challenge.

Coach Rusty took a serious interest in his practice routine and a simple drill he used prior to stroking actual putts. He simply gripped the putter with his lead hand only and proceeded to roll short, 6-foot putts. This can be a fantastic drill to help you build some confidence in your stroke prior to your round.

The concept is simple. It’s much more difficult to keep the club face stable through the stroke with one hand on the club. After striking about 10 putts, Tiger then proceeded to putt normally. Once both hands are on the club you will feel much more confident in your ability to create a stroke that will stay on your intended target line.

Try this drill out the next time you are on the practice green and you most likely will see great results!


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