Weird Drill To Compress The Ball With Your Irons

Many players struggle to create a solid impact position. The most common flaw we see at SwingU is a flipping motion through the impact area. This is when the clubhead passes the hands at impact.

It is important that the hands lead the clubhead at impact to create compression and an overall good ball strike on the golf ball. The drill below, performed by Josh Kelley, will help you with just that.

Try gripping the club as you normally would, only choke up on the club until your hands are about six inches away from the clubhead. Be sure that the grip of the club is up against your lead side/hip. Take the normal motion of a golf swing and focus on leading the hands through impact. Notice that if you flip the hands the grip will smack you in the side resulting in a less than comfortable sensation.

Try this at the course, or even in the comfort of your own home! 


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