3 Keys To Escaping Trouble

Dr. Joe Parent

Dr. Joe Parent

SwingU Master Faculty, Renowned Mental Game Coach

It’s not realistic to begin a round of golf and think that you’re going to hit every fairway and every green. As former Masters champion Jackie Burke said, “always be ready to scramble.”

When you do find yourself in some trouble, whether it be in some trees or even a greenside bunker, always think of this three-step process: out, on and close.

The worst thing you can do when you’re in trouble is stay in trouble, so make sure the first thing you do is get out of trouble. Second, get “on” the fairway or green; don’t take on unnecessary risk and put yourself in a different spot of bother. Finally, once you’ve assessed a shot that you can definitely get out and on the short grass, then consider trying to get it close.

Keeping those three words in mind when facing trouble will shave strokes off your game and help you to enjoy your golf much more. 

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