6 Fixes For Your Slice

Chris O’Connell & Jim Hardy

Chris O’Connell & Jim Hardy

SwingU Master Faculty, Golf Magazine & Golf Digest Top 100 Teachers

We teach six corrections to avoid a plus — or steep impact — slice. 

Beginning with the downswing, you can start by trying to fire your trail hip at a 45° angle out 2 o’clock on an imaginary clock. Secondly, you can shallow your hands during the downswing starting at the transition, which counteracts what you’re doing when you come over the top to slice the ball.

In the backswing, you can try swinging more around you a la our merry-go-round visual, which will negate some of the vertical issues caused at the start of the downswing. Secondly, in the backswing, you can make a bigger shoulder and hip turn, which will also help negate that vertical motion in the downswing. 

In the impact and follow through area, you can hold your hips and shoulders from turning, which allows the clubhead to pass your body through the ball, closing it.  

Finally, at address, a lot of slicers start the swing with their shoulders open, so squaring or even closing the shoulders at address starts the swing in a much more advantageous position if you’re hoping to swing to the right.



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