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Gene Parente

Gene Parente

Top Club Tester In Industry

Over the coming weeks and months, SwingU Master Faculty member Gene Parente will be providing you with unbiased, data-driven equipment reviews so that you can make the best decision for your game the next time you decide to purchase a golf club. 

With over 27 years of experience in design, sales and equipment testing, Parente is believed by many industry experts to be the world’s foremost expert in golf equipment testing.

Parente founded and owns Golf Laboratories Inc., the premier independent testing company in the golf industry. In 1992 the firm designed and patented its “Computer Controlled Robot,” which has become the standard testing robot worldwide for golf club equipment. Currently, there are forty-eight robots in the industry being used by major manufacturers, the USGA and the R&A.

Parente and Golf Laboratories have developed several independent testing methods used by the golf industry and conducted testing for nearly every major manufacturer.

“We’re fortunate to partner with one of the world’s best in Gene Parente,” said Kirk Pagenkopf, Chief Revenue Officer of SwingU. “It’s been an important strategic initiative this year to enhance our editorial coverage of golf club equipment and our original video production efforts. I’m excited for both our golfer audience and our advertisers.”

For SwingU’s audience, Parente will provide real-world testing using the industry’s premier robot hitting clubs at a 92 mile-per-hour swing speed with a neutral attack angle.

Because we’re trying to help average golfers make smarter decisions in the marketplace, providing center hit results only will not be beneficial. Instead, Parente employs a 9-point testing procedure so you can see how each club performs against its predecessor on a variety of clubface hits. 


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