Cobra’s Fastest And Longest Driver Ever Made

Gene Parente

Gene Parente

Top Club Tester In Industry

The Cobra F9 Speedback driver is the next iteration of Cobra’s F-series metalwoods. Last year’s F8 model was the first computer numerically controlled milled driver face, which means that the clubs were machine-milled to exact and tight tolerances. The F8 also incorporated 360° Aero Technology, which improved aerodynamics.

Cobra claims that the F9 Speedback driver is the first of its kind to achieve full optimization of aerodynamics along with a low center of gravity making it the fastest and longest driver they’ve ever made. The F9 also features two head weights — a 2g and 14g weight — that can change the center of gravity location based on the amount of spin and the launch characteristics that you’re interested in. 

Getting a complete overall performance picture of the club by using a nine-point contact regiment, the F9 averaged over 2 miles per hour more ball speed velocity on average across the entire face than the F8 as well as boasting a slightly lower backspin rate, which resulted in a flatter trajectory and more roll out.

What’s also interesting about the F9 is that the drop-off distance across the nine points tested was only 6.9 yards, which measures how much shorter off-center hits travel. This 6.9 yards in drop-off distance is four yards fewer than the 10.9 yards in drop-off distance the F8 produced. What this means is that off-center hits were traveling four yards farther than they had been in the previous version.

The F9’s faster ball speed, combined with the smaller drop-off distance was only bolstered further by a tighter dispersion pattern than the F8 meaning that the F9 achieves the elusive formula of more distance while also being more forgiving. 

Overall, the F9 is beneficial for the golfer looking for an increase in ball speed and more distance. It also has very forgiving characteristics in shot dispersion and off-center hit drop-off, which can help golfers who need more directional consistency. 

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