CPG Dials In His Sequencing To Shoot Low Round

Club Pro Guy

Club Pro Guy

SwingU Master Faculty

What a crazy game. It’s amazing to me what a week on the range and a comfortable pairing can do to get your game back on track. I had been working all week on sequencing, and when I’m playing my best golf it’s all about “loin post power crouch boom!” 

I drew Vikram Kothary today, and I love being paired with “Vicky” because he’s fairly new to the game and he doesn’t have what I would call a “strong command” of the English language. 

My rival, Betty Simmons, was still out on the course, but I saw her making a mess of the par-3 second hole. Selfishly, I hope she sh*t the bed out there. 

My schedule this week is a Saturday morning “Beat the Pro” Groupon event and then get some good work in ahead of next week’s Thursday league. 


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