CPG Upset About Disrespect Shown At Men’s League

Club Pro Guy

Club Pro Guy

SwingU Master Faculty

As a golfer who has played professionally in Mexico for 14 years, and in the years that followed, established myself as one of the elite club pros in the game, the disrespect shown at Thursday Night League this week is shocking. 

They put me out first with our UPS guy, Dan. Sure, he shot 38 gross, but he literally made everything he looked at. A particularly testy incident occurred on the eighth hole where I was waiting for the green to clear to see if I could get home in two. I had 292 with a slightly hurting wind, but Dan was all over me to hit.

I’m at the point where I’ve finally realized that I may need some help with my game, so I’m going to log on to YouTube this weekend and binge-watch some lessons to get me back on track. 


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