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The best golfers in the world are who they are because they’re able to repeat a consistent, effective swing time and again. If you break the swing down into two parts, the backswing and the downswing, truly the only part that matters is how you deliver the club to the ball at impact. 

Piers Ward shows you a drill made famous by renowned instructor to the pros David Ledbetter that helps pros and amateurs alike to begin their downswing correctly. The drill forces the lower body to begin the downswing, effectively keeping the player from going “over the top.” Starting down with the lower body drops the arms and club on to the correct swing plane.


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Golf is a game of misses. When you’re off on a yardage or mishit an approach shot, you must have a well-rounded short game in order to keep your scores low. There’s no better bandaid for a poorly played hole than an up-and-down for par. 

Jason Sudenga runs you through some fundamentals you should employ in order to hit your chip shots closer to the hole more consistently. 


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